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Asphalt Laborers and Operators


We are looking to hire enthusiastic and hardworking asphalt laborers to assist in the pouring, smoothing, and setting of asphalt. The responsibilities of an Asphalt Laborer include delivering water to the rollers and plate compactors, preparing the pavement saw, measuring the line for the day, sweeping and raking the deck, working in between the mill, directing traffic, and cleaning the area at the end of the day.

To ensure success as an Asphalt Laborer, you should be physically fit and be able to work long hours in all weather conditions. Asphalt Laborers are required to work over weekends, at night and occasionally work out of town. Always home on the weekends.

Asphalt Laborer Responsibilities:

  • Offloading the truck and gathering tools for the day.

  • Transporting rakes, lutes and shovels to the paver.

  • Moving the pavement saw to the transverse joint.

  • Sweeping and cleaning the area in front of the paver.

  • Measuring and lining out the area for the day’s paving.

  • Working as a Flagger to direct motorists away from the work zone.

  • Transporting water to the rollers, power broom, and plate compactor.

  • Building a launchpad for the paver at the beginning of the pull.

  • Assisting the screed operator.

  • Shoveling material out to the end gate.

  • Maintaining cleanliness and packing equipment away at the end of the day.

Asphalt Laborer Requirements:

  • High school diploma.

  • Proven work experience as an asphalt laborer.

  • Knowledge of road and traffic regulations.

  • Ability to work as part of a team.

  • Ability to work on weekends, at night and out of town.

  • Ability to work for long hours in all weather conditions.

  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

  • Excellent communication and observation skills.

Comply with all ACPLM, Inc. Safety Policies at all times

  • Acknowledge the importance of safety and PPE on the job site.

  • Report any unsafe conditions or concerns to the foreman, Job Site Safety Supervisor or  Human Resources / Safety Coordinator.

  • What we offer:

    The opportunity to come work with a fun and caring family oriented company where you will create a better future for yourself. We prioritize growth from within while creating possibilities that help build dreams.

    • ACPLM, Inc. offers, Vison, Dental, Free Telehealth, Life insurance policy, Long-term disability, Short-term disability, Accident Insurance, and Critical Illness Insurance.
    • 401K retirement safe harbor benefits with a company match after only 6 months of employment 10% vested.
    • ACPLM, Inc. also pays $40.00 per day per diem to qualifying employees, and paid time off for Holidays and Vacation.
    • ACPLM, Inc. offers competitive wages. Hourly pay. Direct Deposit. Paid weekly.
Please call 813-633-0548 to schedule an interview and begin working as soon as tomorrow.

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